Wednesday, October 24

The office jokers

The kitchen at work is being redecorated, and they've been trying out tester colours on the walls - so we've samples of aqua, jasmine white and hessian white. Yesterday, some wag added "Tipp-ex white" ! Oh, that gave me a chuckle first thing!

Making slow progress on the drooping elm leave shawl - I think lifelines is an incredibly good idea, esp. as I messed up this morning and will have to rip back to one. Well, it's all good practice I suppose - I'm running a lace workshop next month.


Ink and Indigo said...

I've never made a shawl, but have some left over mohair that may well get turned into one. There's an article on koigu and shawls in an old Vogue Knitting I have, I'll bring it tonight.

BeadKnitter said...

Could we have a progress pic, or two, please? I'm dying to see the shawl.