Friday, October 26

Passap challenge: two-colour tuck stitch

Had another crack at the passap...

Knit side - click for a bigger image

Purl side

The console kept asking for the colour every 3rd row - turns out this is so that the motor is prepared, to send the locks overshooting into the colour pick-up thingy (technical term). So I was actually doing it right!

This was the second attempt to cast on. I also tried the pretty slip-stitch zigzag thing, and got a material full of holes and long floats. There must be some sort of trick to that one!

I was intending to cast off properly, as this can go in the big bag of samples for a patchwork afghan - alas, 10 sts from the end and it dropped, so I gave up, lost a few more getting it off the machine! My overlocker will fix it when the time is right.

This pattern would be nice for a baby blanket I think.

I was also going to post a video of the passap in action with colour changer, but my camera batteries do not appear to have enough juice, despite there being fresh batteries in there. Feh!

Right, off to watch some Ugly Betty. I made licquorice ice-cream tonight - not as licquorice-y as I'd hoped. I should have put the leftover licquorice in too instead of eating it. Oops!

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