Wednesday, November 21

Free pattern: Felted tote

Machine: Bulky
Tension: 8
Yarn: wool - not superwash

Finished dimensions: 21cm x 7cm x 21cm excluding handles. Size will depend on felting qualities of the wool.

Front & back

E-wrap cast on 60 sts. K100 rows, mark a stitch either end of the 100th row, K100 rows. Cast off.

Sides (make 2)

Using the marker as the centre point, mount the knitting onto the middle 16 needles of the machine bed, wrong side facing you. K1 row.
Pick up a bar from either end and place on the end needle. K2 rows.
Repeat this last row until all bars have been picked up.
Repeat for the other side.

Handles (make 2)

E-wrap cast on 3 sts, K 1 row, set carriage to slip in the other direction. K two lengths of I cord.

Weave in ends. Push i-cords through front and back of bag, and double-knot the ends.

Place inside dark pillowcase, safety-pin it shut. Place in washing machine, alongside old towels/jeans for abrasion. Wash at 60 deg C.


Sue172 said...

Thanks for the pattern. Yesterday I set up my Chunky for the first time since moving nearly seven years ago and I just ordered new spongebars, you can imagine the state they were in!!! I'll try the bag as soon as the bars arrive! I've been felting knitting from my stanard guage machine so doing something a bit thicker will be fun!! Sue

steel breeze said...

Thanks! Will look forward to seeing your bag!