Tuesday, November 20

Finishing or starting?

Last night I had the opportunity to finish some things. But did I? Nope. I could have trimmed some passap blankets with ribbon, to tidy up the unfinished end (my yarn cut outs don't work, so knitting falls off the machine). No, instead I used up the last of the Yarn Treehouse wool to make a shopping bag - another one for felting. I also knitted the last few rounds of the french market bag - onto the straps now. Think I shall felt them both together, save on electricity a bit.

Not so sure I want to make another french market bag in Kureyon now, as was my intention. Perhaps I could just knit the base, then mount it onto my chunky knitting machine? 8 inches of stocking stitch over 200 stitches is just soul-destroying! I'm onto the handles - bit of grafting, and then it can be felted.

In other news, completed the back of Tori last night.

I can't explain, why I love starting so much. Something about the frission of potential when you cast on the first row and turn yarn into something solid. Maybe it's the Aries in me - loves to start new things, not so hot at finishing them! I refuse to start any more projects, until I have gotten rid of a few UFOs.

Famous last words...

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