Wednesday, November 7

Mylars found, and reversible cables

Had a bit of a dig about in amongst my mylar sheets last night...

...and unearthed the missing sheets - which is a good job, because nobody on any of the Yahoo mk groups offered to scan me the missing ones. Oh well!

I also had a play with reversible cables last night, using one of those "I bought it 'cause I had to have it, but it's not enough to do anything with" balls of yarn I tend to pick up at the NEC (another show this weekend!). Unfortunately I managed to drop a stitch right at the start, so it'll have to be undone, and I'm not happy with the cast on edge either.


Cast on (in a multiple of 4) as if for 1x1 rib. After knitting the circular rows, transfer the stitches for 4 x 4 rib. *K 3 rows to set the rib. Cable all stitches on the main bed. K 3 rows. Cable all stitches on the ribber bed. Rep from * to end.

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