Saturday, December 15

Curly wurly waistcoat

Finally finished - the curly wurly waistcoat. Pattern to follow shortly - I made it up as I went along, and added an afterthought collar.

Some gorgeous pink acrylic (?) that Pat brought this week.

Some "cotton-look" acrylic - one just has to ask, why?!

In other news, the lace continues apace - on repeat 14 I think, so nearly half way. Wendy G stayed the night on Thursday, and talked me into frogging the Rowan waistcoat - some 1000g of merino - and selling it to her. Better she gets some use out of it, it's been sitting in the hibernation pile for far too long! I also lent her my 20mm needles. I'd used 15mm to knit the waistcoat - perhaps that was my mistake?!

Still working on the crochet blanket - square 4 now. Luckily the Romanian orphanage lady got back in touch, because I'd lost her number. I've more than half a box of jumpers and blankets to give her.

Made something secret with the blue mohair - came out really well - my first ever attempt at machine-knitting with mohair. I made it on T4 on the chunky machine - I don't think the standard gauge would have coped. Blue fluff everywhere, including my nose and mouth. Even the cat choked a bit! Had to defuzz the machine every time I started a new ball.

Now trying something with some leftover aran and the Elle blue and white eyelash yarn - wouldn't go through the chunky machine, despite some swearing, but knitweave works just fine.

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