Tuesday, December 18

Free pattern: Simple MK Mohair stole

Yarn: 200g Sirdar mohair/acrylic mix
Tension: MT=6
Machine: Brother 260

Arrange all needles for 2 x 2 rib and cast on as per your machine's instructions (Brother 260 has 110 needles on the ribber, but you can't use all of them because you have to rack 3 positions to cast on).

Change to MT. Knit until the yarn runs out. Cast off loosely.


Angie said...

Hi, sorry but I'm at a loss trying to do 22 ribbing. You mention racking three spaces but I just couldn't do that as it all seemed too tight. I was using extremely fine yarn. Could that have been my problem?

steel breeze said...

You rack 3 positions or 3 clicks, each click on the racking handle is half a position. So technically it's 1.5 stitches - sorry if that wasn't clear!