Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free pattern: Simple MK rib scarf


Yarn: 200g Aran-weight yarn approx.
MT: 6/6
Machine: Brother 260 chunky

Arrange needles for 42 st wide 2x2 rib.
Cast on as per your machine instructions and knit 3 circular rows at T1/1.
RC000. Change to MT and K330 rows approx. or length to suit.
Change to T10/10 and knit one row.
Cast off using latch tool method.

For fringe, wind yarn around a cassette box and cut into lengths. Using lark's head knot, pull three strands into base of rib (I used the centre of every K column). Add the yarn ends into the fringe too, and there's no weaving in to be done!

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