Saturday, December 8

My 200th yarn...

Yeah, fatal mistake - I was in my LYS looking for a 12" doll pattern, and spotted this at the back of the shop. No, I've no idea what I'll make with it, but it's really pretty and very soft.

The crochet blanket continues apace. Especially as I spent all night last night trying to get my printer/scanner working again. And failed. Bah!

Found a little more of the Yarn Treehouse yarn after I thought I'd felted all of it. This is going to make a small purse for unmentionables, when I get chance to finish it off. The colour bleeds badly on the first wash. Must remember not to felt things using a pale cream pillow, alas!

An attempt at reversible cables. I was going to provide a link to Knitsings's blog, where I first read about it, but it seems to have dropped off the radar.

Off to works xmas do this weekend. Must go and try out ridiculous hair dos! It's hard work being a woman, sometimes! G is asleep on the sofa, having been out with the lads last night. Feh!

Oh, and it's raining and blowing a gale, so doing my hair nice might be a really pointless idea. We shall see!


KreativeMix said...

I love the yarn at the top!!!! pretty!! I"m sure your hair will look and stay fabulous :-)

Nicola said...

I love that Marble yarn, I use it a lot, though I have only seen the DK weight around here. Yesterday I was at my friend's house, wearing a Marble sweater, knitting another Marble sweater and with a Marble scarf in my knitting bag at my feet - all in different colourways of course! Have a great weekend.