Sunday, January 20

FO: Felted bag

Finally sewn up, a bag made from Noro Kureyon oddments left over from the LR afghan and felted. In hindsight, it would have been better to narrow it for the handles - I was just messing about really and had no idea how far the oddments would stretch.

I have another blank ready to be sewn, but I have tapered the edges with a sharp pair of scissors and will have to hand-sew it - it's just too thick to go on the Hague linker (and don't think I didn't try, 'cause I did, haha!).

I have started an MK sock for the Cog, aka 'im indoors, out of a sample skein someone gave me. It snapped whilst I was doing the toe, so I restarted, and then it snapped again and I unpicked 6 rows to rescue it. But otherwise, it's looking good, and actually fits him too! And boy, was it nice to get back onto a knitting machine - it's been too long!

Taught someone to knit at the Crafty Cottage yesterday and she was a whiz, she even got the yarn wrapping bit right (I can't knit like that, I'm crap!). Got another lady onto increasing and decreasing - she wanted to knit a tanktop but we couldn't find a pattern she liked. Then I got someone else started on hand-knitting a lizard ridge square - the Kureyon was a dark shade, so a little tricky to spot the wrapped stitches, but I think she got the idea.

Jo made her first garment on the knitting machine - a long knitted strip. She was also talking about making I-cord with DPNs until I showed her how easy it is to make one on the machine. Why spend time on something if you've the means to speed it up?!

Onwards and upwards!

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