Sunday, March 16


Crafty Cottage closed its doors yesterday for the last time. It's very sad, but the current financial situation in the UK is not ideal for independant retailers.

I shall miss teaching people on Saturdays - it was nice to pass my skills on to other people. Perhaps I can offer my skills elsewhere? I might sort out some sort of teaching timetable with Jo for the Crafty Cottagettes, who will be relocating to the Racehorse pub in Warwick after Easter.

Taught a lovely lady how to use her knitting machine yesterday - the other student didn't turn up, which was annoying in the least as I'd had to bring my own machine so that there'd be two. Once she'd left I helped pack yarn into boxes (such a shame to squash that yarny goodness into darkness!), nipped out in the rain to get a few things and then came back for wave two of packing.

Hopefully my new MK friend and I will be going to the Nottingham MK show in April - it will be nice to have company!

Struggling to rebuild a vintage spongebar - it's for a Vogue Swissknitter. Managed to get the glue off; tried to squeeze a knitmaster bar in there but all it did was damage the bar. The retainer bar is an L shape of metal and fairly thin. Needles are all out and soaking in surgical spirits - I shall try and reassemble it all tonight and see how it goes. Kicked the edge of the machine yesterday morning and cut my foot - seems I always do that when servicing machines! Ouch!

The Cog and I have rejigged our finances somewhat today. He has been earning quite a bit more since July and as our respective contributions depend on our relative incomes, he's rather been taking me to the cleaners lately, albeit not deliberately. Should have everything ironed out and back on track within the next few months. Will review in June, as his income is hard to predict. No wonder he's always got the dosh for new gadgets, and I'm struggling to pay for petrol! :)

Oh, and my picture is out of date already. I coloured my hair mahogany red. It's quite nice, but I'm not used to my reflection yet! At least it has covered my grey bits! Shhhh...

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Julie said...

That is bad news about the Crafty Cottage. After the hiccup at Christmas and then the successful day she had a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping things were on the up. :(

You'll have to tell me where the Racehorse pub is later, so I know where to go if I do want to come along. And of course, if they're keeping their time and evening the same.

Oh... And I'm looking forward to seeing your hair! :)