Monday, March 24

MK Challenge: Knit Radar (or The World's Worst Skirt)

MK Challenge: Knit Radar (or The World's Worst Skirt)

KR7 Knit Radar

I seem to remember I bought this at last year's Nottingham show, so it just shows you how long I've had it around and not used it. I had already taken out the manual, as is my wont, and put it with the other Knitmaster manuals, but I hadn't really looked at it.

Turns out that this reader takes plain paper (not special mylars like the Brother) and comes with a set of printed half-scale patterns - lady's jumpers/skirt/trousers, men's jumper/vest, children's and baby clothes. So I decided I would have a go at a skirt, as it would make a change from making jumpers and cardigans all the time.

Well, the skirt's done, and it's probably the worst skirt I have ever seen. Despite making a tension swatch, it seems to have come out far bigger than I expected, although to be fair I based the size I chose on my large hips, not my small waist (ruddy English figure!). The hem also curls, and the seams aren't brilliantly straight (linked with the Hague).

I've stuck it in the wash, in the vain hope it might shrink. If I'd've made it out of something other than acrylic, I could have least have blocked it! Oh well! At least it was good practice I suppose!

(thinks) perhaps it could be used as a christmas tree skirt instead? It *is* olive green!


My birthday (yesterday) started with two glasses of champagne and a snow-ball fight. The Cog said he'd had to pull quite a few strings to get snow for my birthday, haha! After the snowball fight (I think he won!) we went back inside and watched videos in front of the fire - the snow had almost completely gone by 11am. Bought a nice sundress and a tie-dye blouse with my birthday vouchers, and we went for a very nice Thai meal last night. Beef marinated in honey and spices to start, and tamarind duck with pad thai for the main. Yum!

Snowing again today (not settling), and The Cog is dragging me down the gym. Pah!

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