Monday, March 17

Some questions answered...

Hi Monique, thanks for your question about creating a "Completed Projects" post. Whenever I post a finished object, I also copy the code into a draft post that is dated 31-12-08 (or whatever year). I leave the post in draft format throughout the year and add to it as I go, finally publishing it at the end of the year.

Julie, the Racehorse pub is:

32-34, Stratford Rd, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 6AS
Tel: 01926 496705

and apparently the meetings will run 5.30pm to 8pm every Monday (I presume 7th April onwards, as 24th is a bank holiday). If the map link didn't work it looks as if you stay on the A425; do not turn right into Theatre St; eventually you come to a cross-roads with the A429 and you take a right. Alternatively, carrying on to the bitter end of Theatre St gets you going in the same direction. The pub is on your left. Not sure about the one-way system though! :)

Anonymous, glad you like the 1 row stripes instructions - somebody suggested that on one of the Yahoo machine knitting boards, but I can't give credit because I forgot who it was!

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