Wednesday, April 9

MK Challenge: Slip Stitch

Inspired by Susan's two-colour work, I made a start on a child's slash neck top. On the left is a successful start; alas, the yarn snapped and it came off the machine. The front and back both came out "wrong", although I stopped the pattern (I thought I'd finished, but I was 32 rows too short) and when I restarted it, it came out right for the last bit. Decided to stick to 2 row stripes for the sleeve. Must practice getting the slip stitch to come out correctly!

Skirt attempts. The pink is the best, but I suspect I don't actually have enough yarn! Alas, the pattern gives weight and not length of yarn required, which would be more helpful. Maggie Andrew's booklet arrived, so I suspect I shall use one of those patterns instead.

Been very tired lately - a gym session last night was curtailed because I was just, well, shattered. I have reduced some medication I am taking so I guess it's just a case of getting on with it. Went to bed at 10 last night, which is an hour early for me!

Current mood: apathetic

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