Friday, April 4


OMG it's finally here in the UK... thanks to Mandy for the heads-up, couldn't resist ordering some. Now, if they would just sell it on big 500g cones, I'd be in hog's heaven...

Go to Getknitted for your fix...

Made two attempts last night to knit a pleated skirt sample in Bramwell's Rania. No idea what equivalent ply it is - it looks like a 1ply boucle - so initially tried it two ends together, which made a fabric that would be great if I was aiming for stiff washcloths! Switched to one end, and was going great guns, but my machine is backed up against the radiator and the yarn keeps catching on the end of it.

Another attempt this morning went the same way. Annoying, because you have to cast on for FNR (full needle rib), knit three circular rows, and then rearrange for the pleats, which takes some time.

I suspect some judicious sellotaping of radiators is in order!!! *grump*

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Heather Thompson said...

I knitted a pair of socks with the Noro Socks... yucky to knit with I wouldn't want to HK with it. BUT... will admit the socks are ok on my feet. I am holding back because I don't think it will hold up to regular wear. I look forward to hearing about your experience with it.