Monday, May 12

Startitis strikes again

Not content with working on the Kauni cardigan and the drooping elm lace scarf, not to mention the basketweave baby blanket, I cast on for the Taos diagonal jacket yesterday. It grows really fast, I am already up to the shoulder on the first piece.

No wonder I never get anything finished! :) I did so much knitting on Saturday that by the evening my hands were beginning to ache. But still I continued - the Cog thought this highly amusing. Yes, I am an addict.

The UK has been enjoying a mini-heatwave this week so I've been out in the garden hand-knitting, and less keen on sitting indoors slaving over a hot knitting machine. Might have to do some tonight, though, as I have MK folk coming tomorrow and the chunky machine is in use.

The urge to run out the door with my picnic rug in hand, and go find somewhere quiet to lie down and snooze is quite strong today. Especially as I am feeling quite tired for some reason.

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Knittaxa said...

Could have posted nearly the same today... ;-)