Saturday, June 21

Home again, home...

Cam home via the regional Guild day in Darley Dale (yes, there really is a DFS there! The motherlode of sofas!)

Weather miserable, and somebody up there does not want me to drink tea al fresco - meths burner refused to light for more than 1 second. Feh. So broke camp around 7am and caffeinated-up at Congleton services (or Sandbach. I forget). God-forsaken place!

Road 'twixt Congleton and Matlock would make any F1 rally driver quake in his boots, as it crosses the Pennines. Would hate to break down out there. Even the speed police use 'copters!

Stayed for the morning fashion show but was keen to get home and get a decent meal/wash so left after dinnertime. 300+ posts on bloglines to read (I skimmed), three posts on Ravelry, and 28 emails, mostly stupid videos. Ho hum!

Put elastic in skirt, it looks ok but would probably benefit from proper 1" thick stuff. Watching Dr Who and Star Trek. Had nice bath. More Passap tomorrow!

Current mood: exhausted

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