Thursday, June 12

MK Dreams: Yoked sweater

I have a hankering to try my hand at a yoked sweater. However, I have so far failed to get gauge with acrylic (the pattern calls for 2ply shetland), so the knitradar may come in handy. I don't think mixing shetland and acrylic is such a hot idea, and I don't have enough colours of shetland to make something I'd ever wear.

I've listed this on Ravelry as a yoked sweater from Drops design, but this is actually what I have in mind. I think it's from Machine Knitting News but I can't be certain, because it's pages that have been removed from the magazine.

Taught someone to crochet last night, despite the attraction of a lifetime's collection of buttons Lyn brought in to swap!

Current mood: fed-up

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