Monday, July 7


Ok, ok, so I finally caved. Not only did I order some 3mm dpns, because knitting a circular cuff with an armhole-sized needle is a PITA, but I ordered some U-shaped cable needles and a flat Kumihimo braiding card (not a necessity, but the urge took me). I staved off the urge to buy yet more Tunisian crochet hooks, despite only having a paltry collection of 5 or so.

Lost focus somewhat - since buying the Tomtom, I have started to make a case to be felted out of leftover Taos. Just simple garter stitch, in greens and browns. The Kauni is halted, pending delivery of the aforementioned needles, the KPPPM scarf is languishing somewhere (either the hallway or my boot, I'm not quite sure) so it's onwards and upwards with the DB patchwork cable thingy.

I think the barman was quite impressed when I showed it to him Wednesday night. And he admired my knitting.


Stop press: Owing to (a) miserable weather and (b) my wanting my table back for some sewing, I finished up the knitweave cotton bag. Pics when all the ends woven in. Far too many.

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