Thursday, July 31

A flash of (s)inspiration...

Finally decided that the best thing to do with all the "one ball wonders" I seem to have collected is to make a series of squares, and then sew them all together into a large throw. I've started with the Alessandra Filata Malesia, which does not seem to occur anywhere online, and yet I know it was that make because I had the ball band at some point. It is knitting up like a bath mat or thick towel, and would make a very nice jacket. Rather like fake animal fur that has tufted from wear.

Start-itis? You betcha. Sin? Yeah, I should really concentrate on finishing a few things. Oh well!

Nearly finished the ribbing on the second sock for G - only about 10 more rows of ribbing to go. 3 more pairs of socks (for me!) in the waiting list - Noro Kureyon Lite and the two new balls of Trekking XXL. Oh and I have made one sideways sock, not sure about the fit yet, may tack it together to try it out before I attempt the second one.

I have vague plans to start winding all the industrial yarns into DK thickness blends, because they would be far more use to me like that. The zigzag blankeet continues, but is hampered by having to heave up more thread every few stitches.

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