Friday, July 18

I'm almost annoyed

Apologies to Red Dwarf. Have asked two technical questions of a discussion forum, and both times got responses from people that couldn't actually help me. Seems to be obtuse week on t'internet! I mean, why answer a question if you don't know the answer?

Just had something returned that I posted to Northampton. OK, so there was an N missing from the postcode, but I'm rather surprised there are no intelligent life-forms at Royal Mail that would have spotted it. It's no great stretch of the imagination to work out what it should have been. *sigh*

Ever feel as if you are surrounded by idiots?!

Yeah - and one of them is me! I decided to do my legs last night, whilst I was having a bath after my gym session. I am wearing a skirt and pale tights today. Alas, I seem to have missed half of my legs with the razor. Now I *know* I'm turning into my mother.

American tan tights, here I come.

Oh, and the boss has has yet another go at me. I think my company want a robot. I am tempted to resign whilst handing him an Etch-a-Sketch. I wonder how much they go for on ebay these days??

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