Monday, July 7

The pixies are at it again...

Having spent a few seperate occasions today, trying to relocate my blue flowery scissors, and finally finding them down the side of the sofa? The ruddy row counter's gone missing, instead. Feh! I swear there are anti-knitting pixies living in my house!

Frogged the cabled patchwork aran twice back to the 2nd pattern start. Once, because I didn't like the way the M1 stitches looked, and again, because I got the cables out of synch somewhat, not being able to find my fr*ggin' row counter!

The Crystal Palace Taos felts far too easily in an automatic machine, and produces a small, thick, shrunken mass that's more akin to a brillo pad than felt. If you plan on felting it, do it by hand. Luckily I also felted some 2ply yellow lambswool, and that has come out really well, so the Tomtom will still get its case. When I can work my way over to the sewing machine!

Next post: how a simple tubular vest on the Passap can go very, VERY wrong in my expert hands! :)

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