Wednesday, August 6

Kauni continuum

I finally cast off the shoulder (more dropped stitches) and picked up for the second sleeve this morning, seeing as I was waiting around at home for a dental appointment. It was a lot easier this time - pick up 3 sts, miss 1, pick up 2 sts, miss 1, repeat. It appears the dropped stitches on both shoulders were never threaded onto waste yarn in the first place. I have picked them up and sewn them in. This is going to be a cardigan of a few minor mistakes, methinks, not least that the squares don't meet at the shoulder seam.

Ditched - my order of Noro Silk Garden from a certain well-known online retailer. I'm sorry, but two months and no sign of a delivery is too long. I could have gone to Japan and made it myself by now. Pah!

Oh, and Wonderwool in Rugby is now closed. And I was hoping to get my Noro fix from them! Can find every type of Silk Garden except the original ply. Ebay it is then *sigh*

(later) the deed is done. And I saved £20 (well, I will, when my cancelled order is re-credited).

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