Wednesday, November 5

Obsessed? Moi?

The Cog said he thought I was crochet-obsessed in the car this morning. I told him he's not getting the willy warmer I planned to make him!

Nah, not obsessed - I just tried out a new stitch, and turns out it's a whole subset of crochet I'd never even heard about.

This is the book (added to my wishlist, why is it all the good craft books are in America?!)

It's all about the humble slip stitch - usually used for joining rounds, or moving along the work (external decreasing). I've worked up a tiny sample of slipstitch throught the back loop, and it kinda looks like knitting, on its side. Really cool! Needs a pointy hook, ideally one a bit smaller than you'd normally use for the intended yarn. My sample is stiff as a board.

David is concentrating his blog on the technique this year. Hope he writes up his techniques - I can only picture 4 stitches, but I am slow of brain!

So, yeah, a bit crochet-obsessed this week. But I don't care!

After the mad burst of knitting this weekend, I have stopped again. I am still slowly working up the "plarn" tote bag and the Autumn Flare skirt. Evenings I have been adding more squares to the fancy yarns afghan - hand sewing takes longer, but I can use circuitous routes not really possible with the Hague Linker. There are still going to be eleventy million ends to darn in, though, and possibly a few dropped stitches. Heck, they're not tension swatches and test pieces for nothing! Heh...

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