Wednesday, November 19

Old websites don't die...

...they get archived at the Wayback machine. Sharonvue, if you put the URL of a site you want into the search box, it brings up about 5 years of archives. Not all pictures are archived, but most of them are, with all the text, for Wishknits.

Yes, I too would love a table-for-two, but at $1100+ dollars it would be beyond my means, even if they were still in production. And postage costs to the UK?! Sheesh! Wish I could find a handyman to build me one! Guess I shall have to make do with my Passap E6 :)

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sharonwue said...

Thanks for the tip! I found the Wayback site and got a couple pictures and info. I'm not going to find one ( a "table for two") by the side of the road any time soon, but now I am armed!