Wednesday, December 10

Using the single-bed colour changer and the EC1

I managed to finally get the correct sequence to knit using the single-bed colour changer:

  1. Set card up, inspection light ON, reverse colour (button 2) ON. Put cams in correct location.
  2. Knit to appropriate point with colour-changer sinker plate (yarn in feeder 1), ending CAR
  3. At this point, prepare other colours in colour changer if not already done so. Ideally, main yarn should be in the leftmost tension mast.
  4. Remove MY from feeder 1 and place in feeder 2 (between the two pins). Select first desired contrast colour. Knit to left carefully (carriage should pick up contrast yarn).
  5. Set carriage for fairisle, and turn inspection light OFF. Continue knitting.

It took me a few attempts to get to that point (snapping yarn, dropped stitches, knots, etc). I made a start on a charity tee - I forgot to move the cams out so couldn't figure why it wasn't patterning either side when I got to the arms. Sorted that, and did a few more rows, and realised the knitting was hanging up on the gatepegs. On closer inspection, there was a dirty great big hole in the knitting. Not a repairable one, either.

Oh well, I consigned two part cones to the bin, and learnt how to use the colour changer. That's about the only thing I achieved last night. Perhaps I should try something less ambitious?! I fancy making some lace/tuck lace shawls, but I've had mediocre results with lace.

Another recent annoyance? Two books I fancied on They won't ship them to the UK. Annie's Attic is the publisher of one of them - they did offer a PDF download, but I was loathe to part with my money when the Americans were all asleep, in case their not-shipping-outside-US policy still applied (I can't see why it would, but anyway....). Rather confused. I can understand small dealers not wishing to lose money for stock gone AWOL overseas, but the behemoth that is Amazon? I've had stuff from there before, in fact a penpal sent me a DVD that was only released over there. Neither book is large or heavy or banned in the UK. Perhaps it's a new rule, or one brought in during the silly season that is December?! Got both of them on Ebay, anyway. Ya lost some respect there, Amazon!

Onwards and upwards...

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