Sunday, December 21

Xmas knitting

Well, I have finally managed to make a few gifts I'm happy to give for xmas. I can't post them here  just yet, because the recipients are also online. All will be revealed after xmas! Let's just say they are a bit different. I finished up the crocheted plastic bag, it's a bit of a weird shape, gets a bit narrower at the top. Charity doorstep bags are thinner than supermarket bags, who knew?! :) Autumn flare is still waiting to be sewn up, I think the linker might be needed to make sure I get it right. 

I also downloaded the demo of Knitware - three programs that will write patterns for just about any garment, be it handknit, crochet or machineknit. Made a little v-neck jumper for my niece (it's ok, she can't read yet) in some magenta/purple acrylic using a pattern it calculated for me. The demo is save-disabled, and I think the latest version has more necklines (I hanker for a cowl!), so I think this might be another item to go on the "Things to treat myself to next year" list. Along with a floor loom. Heh heh, perhaps not - unless it could go in the attic?! :)

It was quite a productive weekend, as yesterday the other half spent his money stuffing himself with german sausage and gluhwein up in Brum. 

I'm relieved that, apart from sewing up the magenta jumper, the xmas knitting is now done. I can start being selfish again!

The Cog's been off since a computer upgrade went wrong on Wednesday - apart from popping in for the odd bit of paperwork, he's lounging around at home and eating everything in sight (whilst ignoring the housework - ho hum!). At this rate, the christmas food will all be gone before the 25th. Luckily he's planning a "cheese run" tomorrow, so I need to make a list of anything we've forgotten. Sainser's delivery was only just on time, being dead on eight o'clock, but to be fair my road has a weird numbering sequence, and the streetlight is out-of-order outside. I gained a box of Daz and a bag of sugar. I have never bought Daz, so I was sure it wasn't mine. Oh well! Free Daz, anyone?! :)

He's gone into town to watch a footie match, so I am waiting to start tea. Hope he doesn't dawdle, I'm starving!

And... I keep seeing craft books I want online! Gotta hang on 'til the 27th, as the Cog's folks usually raid my Amazon list for xmas. Got the Crochet Liberation Front book this week (no thanks to Love it, although I could do without the evangelising on the first few pages. Never found there was any discrimination of crochet over knitting here, they are both looked down upon as "granny crafts" haha! 

OK well I am off to kick let the cat out and find a decent movie to watch. I think we still have Moulin Rouge to watch, and the Cog hates musicals...

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