Thursday, January 29

Crochenit, crochenot

Well, I bought a crochenit book from Annie's Attic yesterday (an e-download - it's just too tempting!). It looks, at first glance, to be a variant of Tunisian - but there are lots of interesting shell stitches and suchlike shown at Oh yes, and the AA book just calls for a crochenit hook - no mention of size. I panicked somewhat. Turns out it's a special 8mm double-ended hook in yellow plastic, with point protectors, only on sale in America. One is hopefully winging its way to me now. I had hoped I could buy one more cheaply over here, but KCGtrading had only 7mm and 11mm, and Ebay drew a blank. Although the KCG site mentions the crochenit hook, there's no price against it, so I presume they've stopped stocking them due to lack of demand.

There are tons of garment/homeware patterns for sale at the crochenit site, and a library of pictures of crochenit stitches. However, it doesn't look as if they just do a book with the stitches in, which is a shame. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to commit a large chunk of cash to buy lots of patterns I'll never use, just to get the stitch definitions. If I was nit-picking, I'd say calling something "fancy stitch" or "lovely stitch" also isn't very helpful - those names do not indicate what they might look like, without a photograph. But it's a minor quibble. And anyroad, I'm stuck until the special hook turns up, which may be a week or two hence.

CraftyMandy has become a fan of Twitter - it's kinda like the Facebook status thing, all on its own. Can't decide if it's a complete waste of the internets, or actually quite intriguing. I CBA to go on Facebook half the time as it is - unless I can e-mail my status to something, I probably won't use it. I certainly wouldn't text it - it's 12p a go ya know for us pay-as-you-go cheapskates!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, your information about Chochenit doesn't indicate what year you wrote it so I'm answering in the hope that it was 2010 (i.e. quite recent!).
I've just discovered Crochenit - it looks very interesting, so I've ordered the 101 Crochenit Patterns from Amazon and am waiting for it to arrive. I decided against paying a lot of money for one needle, and as I wanted to return to an old love - Tunisian Crochet - I've treated myself to a set of Denise Interchangeable hooks, together with some extra tips, so that I can make a few sizes of double-ended hooks.
I'd be interested to know how you got on with Crochenit - did you enjoy doing it? Did you find any garment patterns you can recommend?
I'm so looking forward to getting started, I want to make a cardigan and am currently searching for a suitable pattern.