Sunday, January 25

A few miscellaneous pictures...

A handy tip for anyone who despairs of finding snag-free stitch markers:

Simple stitch markers
"No more snags" hair elastics from Claire's - £1 for 100. Especially ideal for lace work! Thanks to Linda M for the tip. I think she has forgotten she has a blog! :)

Blusa Queen, progress so far:

Blusa Queen
I'm having great fun with this, although it's a bit stop-start at the moment, because I am getting near to the divides for back and fronts, and I have to keep measuring.

My January challenge, two-colour slipstitch. I made three sleeves before I got a pair (the first one had reversed colours). Now I have the challenge of sewing down the raw ribbing by hand. Possibly not the best way to finish this collar, but I forgot what order to hang the neckline in.

Cut-and-sew neckline
(yeah, I'm hoping to fix that dropped stitch when I get to that point!)

Rear view, with neckline marked in contrast yarn:
Marking the reverse for cut-and-sew
Neckline looks a bit large, but toddlers have large heads in proportion to their bodies, so I'm not worrying too much. If you look closely, you can also see the texture of the slipstitch pattern, which would be the right side if I was using only one colour.

Jo gave me a belated christmas present:
Picture 018
I was thinking of making them into jaywalkers, but Julie has had a lot of trouble with the pattern, so now I'm not so sure! Aren't the colours lovely though? Isn't Jo a sweetie?

W gave me two balls of this yarn:
Picture 019
which I am using to crochet some slipstitch samples with. It's an acrylic yarn, that looks like cotton, and is actually made of 6+ strands of yarn loosely twisted together.

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Monique said...

So you're actually going through with the Blusa Queen. Good for you! Can't wait to see how it turns out.