Wednesday, January 21

First the good news... then the bad

The good news - I discovered yesterday that yes, I can buy digital downloads from Annie's Attic (US crafting website) despite being on the wrong side of the pond. Something in the work's security settings means I have to wait until I get home to download, but that's hardly a barrier to my emptying my bank account.

The bad news - I've gotten to the joining row of the Blusa Queen (joining the bottom part to the motifs) and I cannot make the darn thing line up in a consistent manner. The maths just doesn't work out. Or maybe I've not had enough caffeine yet? I may have to tack the thing and then fudge it. Humph.

The water supply is broken in the village this morning, so caffeine may be in short supply soon unless I can learn to eat it instead! :D

We passed two cars buried nose-down over the fields on Leaf Lane this morning - the original road, before the building of the Warwick bypass, does not get gritted apparently.

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