Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I've started a machine-knit lambswool sweater for the Cog. He wants raglan shaping and of course it's in a very dark navy, which is hard to see once the sun's gone down. He wants a zip front opening. I have so far made the back and front, and one sleeve. I'm going to sew those bits together, and find out if the sleeve is the right length, before I go any further. It looks too long, and although I'm expecting it to shrink in the wash, expecting to lose 6 inches is probably a bit over-ambitious!

Maybe he has short arms?

Went for a meal with Mum and sis and her family for Mum's birthday. Alas, the only 7 seater table was right in the doorway and it was zero degrees outside, so there was quite a draught. I was quite glad to get home. The pub in question was an olde-worlde place with twisted beams, alas they seem to have had a bit of a makeover involving lots of glass, I'm not entirely sure it's an improvement - the variety of the menu seems to have decreased, too.

Watched Jools Holland's annual Hootenanny and drank cava to bring in the New Year. Managed to finish the last of the chocolate, but there are still mince pies and cheese to be conquered. I have a bad head today. I'm not keen on champagne and fizzy alcoholic drinks - they lose their fizz tooo easily and often don't taste that good, once flat! Slept in 'til gone 11am - well, not entirely true, but I have been making breakfast-in-bed almost every day since the 20th Dec and I insisted that the Cog owed me - so I hung around in bed until he finally woke up! :)

Happy New Year to all my readers!

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Monique said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing your sweater.