Wednesday, February 4

Mini update

The main body of "Blusa Queen" is finished to pattern. However, it must be designed for a Kate Moss type; there's no way I'll ever get my arms into it, as it stands. I need to add a further 3" approx. to each front and back, to make it work. Which means I will have to modify the sleeves too, to match. Luckily I ordered more than enough thread, and crochet is eminently adaptable for this kind of thing. Got quite a lot of the crochet done on Monday, when I was off sick. Came down feeling odd on Sunday - thought it was 'flu, but it turned out to be food poisoning - I blame the Cog's paella, but he denies it (he was fine).

I'm running a workshop in chain-free crochet (foundation crochet) at the club tonight, so I have been practicing it in spare moments. Not sure how many folks will want to take part - crochet is in the minority - but that's ok. The basic foundation stitch is very easy so it probably won't take up the whole two hours.

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