Monday, February 23

Passap FORM program - an example

I finally got it working - have already made fronts and backs without the program, but just entering the figures correctly was a challenge for me!

This is an example of the kind of figures the FORM program expects:

1        102
2        168
3        88 = A (height of 40 rows in mm)
4        147 = B (width of 40 stitches in mm)
5        140
6        112
7        118 = * hip size (cm)
8        195
9        147 = C (width of 40 stitches rib in mm)
10        135
11        134
12        38
13        140
14        107
15        110 = ** bust size (cm)
16        50
17        57
18        66 = *** torso length (cm)
19        0

This is a program to knit a back. The asterisked entries are my personal measurements - note, these are the FULL measurements, not half. The numbers immediately above those rows are the originally programmed lengths - your measurements should be the same or larger, I admit I entered the same figure for the rib as for the stocking stitch - it's notoriously hard to measure ribbing. I wonder if the program would instruct you to knit a row with multiple increases or decreases to adjust the stitches if these widths didn't match? Hmm.

The computer makes you enter all this in sequence, and then makes you run through the figures again as a check. Then it kicks off by telling you how many stitches to cast on, and when to increase/decrease. Neat! And quite ahead of it's time (the E6000 is from 1984 I think).

Form programs can be longer - the last entry is always a 0, which tells the computer it's finished. I think I am going to measure myself and make notes, so that I have the data ready in the future.


Jeanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information! I am brand new to the E6000 and am at the "pulling out my hair stage". Your table has helped immensely!



Gracias por compartir voy a proba, estaba batallando con este tema que parece complicado.