Monday, February 16

Start-itis. I has it.

I think I can identify what causes "start-itis" (the urge to start more craft projects and ignore existing ones) for me. It's the end of winter and the coming of spring. Yesterday I cast on for a hand-knitted sock - I fell for some Regia Pom-pon in two colours, and have ascertained that both kms spurn it - it would probably have worked on the chunky, but only if fish-net socks ever come into fashion :) Black pompon is a cotton yarn with fluffy blobs and it is impossible to tell if you are doing rib, so I gave up with rib after about 4 rows. Yeah, I'm a quitter!

I find my mind turning towards the marble chunky (currently sulking in an almost-finished monster cardigan with slanted fronts that just didn't work) and turning it into something more wearable in crochet. I find myself thinking I should really do something with the black and multi-yarn that failed to go on the destash night into something, dammit, anything, to get it assembled and out into the world (and possibly out of the house).

I made three balls of DK weight yarn out of a conglomeration of industrial cones and started crocheting a circle - I figured it might make a nice rug. We do not need any rugs.

And then there's the eyelash yarn I bought in a fit of red mist in the January sales. Still in the bag. Glaring at me.

Dammit. My stash is definitely giving me guilt trips.

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Iris said...

This made me laugh... but I'm definitely no stranger to start-itis either. I try not to think of all the unfinished projects languishing in bags all around the house! ;-)