Monday, March 16

In progress and yarny weekend...

Picked up two yarns at Andeeknit's new shop:

Forsells Shamal 4ply
Forsell's Shamal 4ply - I see a circular yoked fairisle in its future

Manos del Uruguay
Manos del Uruguay yarn

Popped to BSK because I was in the area and found this:

Short ribber comb

Picked these up at the NEC:
Austermann Starlight
Austermann Starlight

Tatting starter kit

(also picked up a stamp "Knit by" with a ball of wool - forgot to photograph it!)

Whilst I was at the NEC two days I worked on this:
blusa sleeve
Blusa Queen sleeve - apart from the motifs, it was started Monday.

At the NEC, the Pick-Knit was on display:

The well had a plaque on the back about it being donated by the Knitting and Crochet Guild, alas, whoever set it out put that against the wall.

In the brief time I was home, I made inroads on this:
fleece artist sock
Fleece Artist sock - started on the Passap, to be ribbed by hand

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