Monday, March 2

Productive weekend

Well, I managed to get my overlocker working again - it was only working with one needle, so I could only do a 3 thread overlock. I much prefer the 4 thread - it's wider for a start, and the right needle becomes a safety thread. I think the main problem was that I had the looper tensions set really, really, high, because I'd been doing something that required it. You mess with the tensions a lot more on an overlocker, than you ever would with an ordinary sewing machine. Only downside? All the settings I logged on last year's overlocking course, were for the 3 thread, because it was playing up at the time. Oh well, never mind. Gives me an excuse to play about with them again, doesn't it?!

What else did I achieve this weekend? Well, I made two fun-fur scarves on the chunky knitting machine. Not sure what I shall do with them, I will either sell them for charity or donate them. The ribber bracket on the left had seized somewhat, so spent about 20 minutes cleaning and oiling it.

I used the overlocker to trim the lining from a skirt - the skirt had shrunk slightly, and the lining hadn't, and it had split, and lining material being what it is, it was going to be too complicated to repair it, so I lopped the whole lot off! Far better!

Picked up a pair of lovely trousers that fit great, but were for somebody 6ft tall. Took about 4 inches off to make them wearable. I didn't pay a lot for the trousers - I wouldn't normally buy something that didn't fit if it was expensive!

Planted a load of out-of-date seeds. Immediately forgot what we'd planted. They are all on the windowsill, hopefully germinating - I just hope the cat is sensible and doesn't try to sit on them. The Cog had the house upside-down, looking for some chili seeds he bought. He's determined he can grow them, even though we don't have a greenhouse anymore - the el cheapo one we had, got blown away so many times it broke, so we chucked it. We don't have a propagator, either - couldn't find one at the local garden store (and it's a BIG store!), and the only kind they had were electrical and £45. Electrical sockets are at a premium in our house - the Cog had to pay extra to get all the sockets doubled as it is, can you believe that in a new house?! Just wanted an ordinary tray with a plastic cover. It can't be that hard.

Spent nearly two hours in the kitchen yesterday, making up a pork, apple and cider pie, and hot n' sour fish soup. The pie was supposed to be for tea, but I failed to read the recipe properly, it was going to take 80 minutes in total, so it's in the oven for tea tonight. The Cog made pastry (half butter, half flour, a little milk). It didn't come out great - a bit crumbly, and the pie base shrank, I think he may have over-worked it despite my instructions. I'm pretty sure my Mum used to make pastry with half lard, half butter (it was Stork block, which said it was for baking). More practise required methinks!

Organised a swap on a very well known craft community. It's not even been 24 hours, but I'm already beginning to think it was a bad idea, 'cos I've already had a few complaints. 'Twas supposed to be a bit of fun! 'nuff said.

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