Thursday, April 9

Can't stop starting...

Well, I started the tabard pattern last night. Had a bit of a game with the second tuck card, because I forgot to reverse the black-for-white. Yes, I know you can reverse the colours on the electronic machine, but it meant that the end needles kept tucking and weren't knitting off. I think I also found a mistake in one of the cards - as drawn, it's supposed to create a sideways mock-cable effect with big slip loops, but the punchcard is drawn in reverse. I used the EC1 to reverse the colours, but then have to make sure the end needles are fully forward to ensure they knit off properly. Luckily, it's only for 37 rows. It's a Karabee design, and the name escapes me right now (they all have girl's names).

I'm going on training in Holland on and off for the next five weeks - debating whether to take my new laptop - it would mean I have internet access and don't have to wait to jump on the hotel's internet PCs, which have to be fed with euro shrapnel and are sometimes hogged by businessmen. Hmm. Of course, what I'd really like to take, is a knitting machine, but I don't fancy the excess baggage charges nor want to risk damages. Meh. I can see I'm going to be doing a lot of hand-knitting and crochet in the next few weeks, and reading, for want of anything else to do. I think the hotel has a small gym, sauna and pool - I might try them this time around. Eating out for three nights a week does nothing for the waistline!

The Cog has Easter Monday and Tuesday off; I get Good Friday instead of Tuesday, so I am looking forward to a lazy day at home, pottering about. I might try and finish up his cardigan, before it gets too warm for him to be able to wear it!

Coming down with a sore throat, just in time for the long weekend. No fair!

New venue for the knit club last night worked out really well. We had tablecloths and flowers and good lighting! And no hassle from other patrons. I must call the supervisor and let her know it's all good.

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