Tuesday, April 28

FO: Clarisse and some weaving pics

Clarisse before washing
Clarisse, finished, since washed (to remove oil) and drying flat. It's softened up a treat

Picture 030
Scottish fibres DK bought at Wonderwool

Ashford rigid heddle loom being warped
Warping up the 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle loom. Warp is 4ply merino in black

Ashford rigid heddle loom with weaving
Weaving in progress - weft is scottish fibres DK above

Close-up of weaving. Originally thought the warp might be too thin, but it's working out fine. Loom is good if a little basic - haven't managed to use it propped on the edge of a table, because I can't get far away enough from the dining table without rearranging everything. So it is a bit back-breaking. But kinda addictive.

Bleeding heart, going bonkers this year... just because it's all doom and gloom here, and I feel I need to cheer things up a bit!

As always, click for a biiger pic. I has a narrow blog! :)

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mandycharlie said...

Clarisse is very pretty, I must look for the pattern.