Monday, April 6

Nottingham MK Show

Sunday I picked up Sue and took her to the annual Nottingham MK Show. She was immediately transfixed by the raw silk and later succumbed! The fashion show was excellent, although some of the garments were in rather drab colours, and one garment was in fluorescent orange! Someone was sporting an excellent mock-cabled tabard that I really liked, so I picked up a kit. Jill B was wearing a lovely cowl-necked poncho but I couldn't find out where to get the pattern (it was by Sue Cawston whose surname I may have misspelt).

I had only planned to get a tension mast stand from Hague, but alas the yarn's siren song called to me. We attended a short talk on felting by Hilda Haarhof which was fascinating - she doesn't waste anything, even her mistakes. I heard some people say it was quiet this year - I seem to remember we had a freak snowfall last year, so a few folks couldn't make it. Seemed about the same to me!

Got chatting to Mary H (who'd signed us in at Lee Mills yesterday) about CSMs - apparently hers chokes on Lana Grossa sock yarn. Something to remember - I shall probably stick to Regia-type yarns anyway.

After a few more yarn purchases I picked up a tilt stand - very handy to take to shows as I only have one spare MK table without putting another machine away - I didn't photograph it as it's disassembled and not very interesting. We found a place to sit, and I taught Sue to crochet. She picked it up really quickly; another new hobby I think! :) We went outside to the cafe, and had a cuppa, and I demonstrated tunisian (a bit tricky on a short crochet hook, but not impossible).

Lambswool for dyeing (Riverside spinning)
Multi-coloured wool... just because (Riverside spinning)
Multi-coloured something... ditto (Riverside spinning)
Hague tension mast stand. My second tension stand socket is too large, so I can't use it (the tension mast swings around in it). Also could be handy for the sock machine!
Lambswool - got it as part of the tabard kit

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Anonymous said...

Riverside Spinning is my second favourite stand at the Nottm MK Show, always has been. Modesty dictates that I don't say which is my top favourite....