Monday, April 27

Wales and shiny blue things

Spent a very nice day with FibreClaireUK at Wonderwool in Wales, yesterday. I have to admit, I didn't buy much - I was overwhelmed by the colours. Of course I don't spin, despite everyone trying to draw me to the "dark side", so although it was nice to stroke the batts, none of them made their way into my bag. I can use yarn at such a prodigious rate with a knitting machine, I'd never keep up supply with a spinning wheel. I am perfectly happy to let others do the spinning for me.

I bought one skein of DK weight from Scottish Fibres, a sheep keyring and a wooden ring shawl clasp. I think I probably spent more on food! Came over a bit odd and had to go outside - cataract was acting up, and the floor, being very slightly sloped (it is an agricultural building) perhaps didn't help. Had a belgian chocolate crepe and sat outside in the rain (misting) to eat it, and that restored me enough to go in for another wander. One amusing moment - I was polishing off a muffin, and standing near to a row of recycling bins. A beady-eyed teenage steward was watching me very carefully, to see where I put the wrapper. I got a curt nod for putting it in the right bin. Gee, thanks! I've been able to read longer than you've been alive, actually, darling! :)

Had a nice day, anyway - and completely forgot to take any pictures, despite taking the camera. Oh, and I picked up the Ashford rigid heddle loom I bought from Laalbear last month - she recognised me straight away (although, I did have a name badge on!). Going to warp it up this week hopefully and have a little play with it. The headache came back with a vengeance later, but a lie-down and an Anadin put paid to it.

So. The Cog is now working over in Gaydon again, which is the complete opposite direction from my office, so I can't drop him off on the way to work. Which wouldn't have been a problem, except that his car got written off in January. We decided to pop up to the dealers on Saturday, see what they had, "just to take a look".

I'd just given the Cog a lecture about how every time he changes his job, *I* end up out of pocket, (am paying £180-odd a month on the silver fiesta and that does not include the original deposit). I was insisting it was up to him to sort himself out because it was All. His. Fault.

So... we went through the figures. The garage had wisely bought a batch of new cars the week before the dollar adjustment came and upped the price of everything. But even the nearly-new ones were not cheap (and most were 5door, totally OTT for our needs).

And then.... I fell in love!

I will be picking up a second-hand (2003) Ka next weekend. Metallic blue, leather seats, a 1.6i sports model. It was a cheaper and safer option (the Cog is buying it outright) than going into more credit for another car.

And because I have been making payments towards the current car, the Cog is willing to transfer that money to the "new" car, and within two months I shall own it completely. Excellent stuff! I am paying his road tax for next year (because I've already saved up for it), because I shall get a year free.

Does happy dance. I've always wanted a blue car - the silver fiesta was bought in a hurry, during the summer shutdown, when ordering the colour I wanted would have entailed a six week wait we didn't have time for. And I've always rather fancied the Ka - it's like a concept car that actually made it into production.

Onto knitting news, I am about half-way between waist and neck of the DB patchwork aran. Got plenty knitting done in Holland last week. Hotel-ing alone does have some advantages :)

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