Wednesday, May 6

For whom the postman cometh...

Well, when the postman comes, he sometimes delivers twice. I picked up this:

which is an excellent book full of weaving eye-candy, and it's all done on a basic rigid heddle loom. Book is divided into colours and has at least 3 projects for each colour, plus some wacky ones including weaving with plastic bags (sound familiar?!) and weaving in twigs found on the beach. Definitely worth a look - I picked my copy up on Ebay, because I have some "birthday money" in the ol' Paypal account to spend.

This also turned up:

from Alibris. I originally ordered it at the end of March, but the first copy never turned up so they cancelled it for me. I'd love to buy it from Amazon, but it's twice the price and ships from the US anyway.

I have my eye on a few other books, but it will have to wait a while. I have extra expenses at the mo, what with the additional car insurance and petrol, so will have to keep a careful eye on finances this month.

Finished the back of the DB patchwork aran cardigan on Monday - the weather was pitifully traditional for a May Day bank holiday (cold, overcast and wet), so I stayed indoors and cracked on with the left front (now on row 30 something). Slight panic on arrival in Schipol; forgot I'd popped the knitting in a suitcase pocket, and had the thought of nearly 2 hours in a taxi with nowt to do staring me in the face, and only a ball of yarn, a counter and no knitting needles for company. I can't read when travelling in a car, it gives me motion sickness, but knitting is ok because I can look up and take in the surroundings.

Work is organising a training course in some software I already use (in fact I was the only user in the company until recently). They've provisionally booked some dates, and almost every single one means missing college or something else. Might have to take the red-eye and get there for 11am instead - it's not a fun start to the day, 'cause it means leaving the house at 3.30am. Not good when you want your brain to be able to take in information - also means a red-eye coming back to the UK, too! Am waiting until I find out how basic the course is - not much point going, if it's just reinventing the wheel for me.

In Holland for the rest of the week, and debating whether to go down the gym, or whether to be a lazy git and skip straight to the restaurant. I fancy mexican tonight. The Cog is diligently showing me up by spending all his free evenings down the gym - he even went on May Day! It shouldn't be allowed! The hairdryer here is actually a reverse extraction fan so not much cop, and I don't relish sitting around with wet hair really.

I have a top floor room with balcony this week - alas, the weather does not wish to cooperate and let me sit out there without a coat on.

Secretly? I want to be at home, zipping about in the Ka. And I miss the KnitWits, too!

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