Tuesday, May 19

March regional guild day

In my annoyance at yesterday's shrunken jumper events, I completely forgot to mention I ran a "sock knitting on the knitting machine" demo at the regional guild day in Cambridgeshire this Saturday. It was a very early start - BMI Baby kindly delayed my getting home from Schipol by an hour on Friday, so Friday evening was spent travelling, bolting down chips at 10pm and then sleeping.

I decided to wear "Clarisse", and discovered it's a lambswool/angora mix - judging by the mess it left on the driver's seat of my boyfriend's car, anyway! Hmmm... it's soft and cosy, but I'm not sure I appreciate picking fluff out of my eyelashes and mouth all day - it's like wearing a cat! I got my machine set up pretty quickly, and discovered a setting screw has gone AWOL, so the ribber was only really properly attached at one end. Luckily it held together ok. I also mistakenly grabbed a 3ply yarn to demo with, so the demo socks (more like a fat baby bootee) came out a little thin. Knitman (Colin) turned up, resplendant in purple patent docs and matching cashmere sweater, and he bought a very sexy snakey light, that mounts over the bed of a knitting machine and can be posed over wherever is required. Definitely one to go on the xmas list!

Had a busy morning demo-ing, and had a quick scout around the Bring n Buy area, but there were no machines for sale (was hoping to pick up a KX350 plastic bed for a friend). Packed up promptly before the main speaker started. It was billed as "Bill King's latest work" but I recognised a few of the samples and they're at least 18 months old, so I decided to duck out - there was nowhere to sit, anyway, and I didn't really fancy standing for two hours, wonderful though Bill is! So I ducked out, and made it back to Rugby for about half 3.

Oh, I won some men's toiletries in the raffle, and then promptly left them somewhere. Because, I am a doofus!

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