Wednesday, June 17

Productive day

Yesterday I finished the DB patchwork cardigan (yes, I did frog that sleeve and fix that errant cable), and I finished sewing my first skirt. It's white with a turquoise flower print and has a handkerchief hem. I need to put some elastic in it tonight. I have material for another skirt; it is a similar pattern, but it has ruffles attached to the lining. Next I have a suit (jacket and trousers) pattern I want to try. This sewing lark isn't that hard, actually. College got me started, but I'm mostly self-taught.

Started work on the Rowan Tori top. It's in cream bamboo tape, which knits like butter. I seem to have mislaid my entire collection of straight knitting needles, so the Knitpick Pro Harmonys are getting a test run.

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mandycharlie said...

It really is a very pretty skirt. I'm very impressed.