Monday, August 10

Blusa nearly complete

After a few false starts (I lost the stitch diagram) the final ruffle has been finished. Now I just need to figure out how to hide ends in something so lacy, and decide whether I want to add some sort of fastening. Back working on Kimi in the meantime.

Had an interesting visit to the Great British Beer Festival in London, and tried an excellent beer called "bananatana". Not so keen on the Oude Kriek (a lambic beer), a bit sharp for my sweet tooth. Came back to Rugby and had a few at the Merchant Inn before going for a curry. Sunday was spent buying groceries, mowing the lawns and baking bread, and then the almost obligatory fancy coffee in town.

Made marmalade ice-cream this weekend, alas it got eaten before I got it in the same room as a camera. Used a basic low-fat recipe from the 'net - light evap milk, gelatine, sugar substitute, marmalade - and found the gelatine coalesced into a large lump (guess who got that?!). Will try again and skip the gelatine - I don't think it's necessary.

Yes, I will post that chocolate pudding recipe. Bear with me, I am a crafter of very little brain sometimes.

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mandycharlie said...

Oh yum, marmalade ice cream does sound suplime!