Friday, August 14

Q and A

Q: What do you do when you finally finish a long project (Blusa Queen, January to August)
A: Start at least two more, of course!

So I have decided to frog the large cardigan I made with slanted fronts, made from James C Brett marble chunky. It;'s an interesting design (the fronts are knitted on the slope) based on something I saw in Marks and Spencers, but that yarn was too thick and the design too long. I'm making the crocheted knit-look sweater from "Chain-free Crochet" (Belinda Carter), which is made entirely from B and iB slip stitch. It may end up becoming a cardigan, though, because it looks like it might turn out to be quite thick. Unfortunately, it rarely gets cold enough in the UK for thick sweaters, and at least with a cardigan you can take it off.

I've also started making two pairs of socks - one on the CSM, is going to be on the slouchy side I think. Ribs to be made by dropping and relatching, afterthought heels and toes. Yes, you read that right, I am reforming 5040 stitches. I must be insane! I'm not entirely convinced I'll have enough yarn spare to make toes and heels, so the ribs are going onto lifelines, and lett 'til last, for the purpose of "stealing" yarn from them if need be. Might try another sock with every 4th needle removed - 63 needles is nearer to the hand-knitting pattern I have for sock yarn. I suspect this CSM would rather use 2ply but it's not widely available in lovely instant-fairisle colours.

The other pair I started on the passap last night. A fairly simple pattern - probably shouldn't be attempted at gone 10pm though. Dropped a stitch near the welt and had the devil of a time trying to fix it.

I've vague plans to make a few pairs on the passap this weekend, as I'm being sent to Holland for four days next week, and I figured I could finish them in the evenings (two cast offs, two seams and some weaving in). So I could technically come back with more items of clothing than I left with, haha!

I've also got a vague plan to take the remainder of the Clea cotton and make random motifs and join them to make a free-form shawl. Because I don't think I can face acres of plain knitting on Kimi.

Ever feel like you probably shouldn't have started something?! :)

Mind you, there will be up to four of us over there next week, so I might not actually get much time - hey, drinking dutch/belgian beer on expenses is not a bad swap! :)

Took a first aid course yesterday, and my resuscitation doll was a bit duff. 30 compressions, replace head, 2 breaths, repeat. I bet that never happens to paramedics!

Oh, and I fell hard for that gorgeous mini-mochi sock yarn. Some vivid rainbow and babyface accidentally fell into my shopping cart. Because I need more socks, right?!

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