Wednesday, September 9

A Passap nightmare

Thought I'd settle down and do some easy knitting last night, make the second sock from the Easy Passap Sock. Yeah, right.

Forgot one switch on the front carriage (should've been CX not N) and total calamity! Utter jam. One bent needle, and one damaged stripper. Don't ask, I panicked! Getting the carriages apart was bad enough, I ended up snipping the yarn too as it was only row 2.

So - another use for the blue strippers? When you have damaged an orange one! The plastic halves have come away slightly so it will not move across needles, guess the space is pretty tight around there!

The good news? After getting OH to snip the bent needle - picture two of us with eyes tightly shut - I finally figured out how to replace needles. I do have the Passap Paramedic book, but the pictures aren't very clear, and I imagined "remove retaining bar" to involve a screwdriver.

Luckily the back doesn't have a spring in it, but I had a quick practise on the front.

The moral of this tale of woe?

1. Don't panic!
2. Even disasters can teach you something.
3. Don't answer the 'phone mid-disaster because you'll be rather sharp with the caller (yes, mother called!).

Ordered a new stripper yesterday, and it's here already. Thanks Metropolitan!

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