Tuesday, October 6

Bad karma

Finished up the navy lambswool jumper (to replace the shrunk one) and when it was finished washing it seemed absolutely sodden. So I put it on a long spin - which felted it slightly. What can I say, but, whoops? Ran out of yarn anyway, so half of the right arm is in a slightly different shade of navy. This jumper is cursed, I tell you! Fits ok but is smaller than I intended. Oh I am such a doofus!

Horrified to discover a big hole in the DB patchwork cardigan last night - the one with all the cables, that took me a year to make? I wore it Sunday and don't remember catching it on anything. I have leftover yarn, I can darn it, but it's so depressing!

Battling the winter blues somewhat at the moment - my free time is as packed as ever, but a small voice inside wants to stay indoors and curl up by the tv. Don't worry, I'm fighting it!

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