Tuesday, October 20

Random pics plus cat

Lace shawl hand-knitted by TommysMum.

Isn't it gorgeous? I don't think I really have the patience for lace - haven't touched the Koigu one for ages! Sold her a standard machine and ribber on Saturday. Got about £600 for charity when the last cheque arrives.

Charity hats

Charity hats
Charity hats, from Natalie's pattern. 'cause sometimes, you just gotta knit, and you don't wanna swatch! The pics are of both sides. Leftover sock yarn and other bits and bobs.

A better pic of the charity scarves the girls at Cov Knit Wits helped me finish. There were a few smaller ones, they went to the Romanian orphanage appeal.

Thomas: Napping101
If you're not hungry, falling asleep on your humans stops them moving around so much. Too cute not to preserve for posterity! Oh yes, that is the second cursed sweater of navy lambswool. Took three attempts to get the zip in correctly, and I really ought to unpick the first two attempts. Oh well, he seems to like it!

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