Wednesday, November 18

Annoyed again

The community sewing course that only just moved to the City College from Hereward college in September? The one I'm attending on Tuesday nights? They've decided to close it (it's still got a few weeks to run). Despite the fact it was full, and I was the last person to get on - I enrolled only 45 minutes after enrollment opened.

Really don't want to go back to the Leamington one. The only other one they offered was "Asian dressmaking", and that one was full by the time I got to college (despite it running several times a week). Plus I don't really want to make Asian dresses. So the courses are obviously popular.

Of course, if I wanted to learn Russian or French or Maths or something, I'd be laughing.

This comes after I discovered the college-run sewing and machine knitting courses, that ran concurrently Tue-Wed-Thu in the Coventry Arcade, also got canned in July. Well, it used to be free, and run Mon-Sat, and then they made one of the tutors redundant, went Tue-Thu and stopped getting the government subsidy, so it was £600 per year for two years. No wonder they lost 80% of their students. One might say it was almost a deliberate attempt to close the course. You might recall, they pulled that one on me whilst I was halfway through the machine knitting course, so I had to pay £600 to stay at home and use my own equipment. I only attended 3 or 4 times, to show work for examination, but had to take a day off to do so. Daylight robbery.

I really don't know what I pay my council tax for. I subsidise courses that I can never attend, unless I lose my job or retire. Alas, I have a good 30-odd years to go to retirement, and that's assuming they haven't increased the legal age by then. Courses that I wouldn't want to attend, either.

We all told the teacher we were up in arms about it. There's a course run by our tutor at Coundon Court, on a Wednesday night, which already has a waiting list, and the suggestion is that we might transfer there - I don't see how, if it's already oversubscribed, and it would mean giving up running the Coventry Knit Wits. Any other night than Wednesday I could do it. Typical.

I am really cross!


Milla said...

What sort of courses are you interested in? Because I've put my name down for some short courses starting in the new year - not subsidised, unfortunately, but not govt run, so not subject to sudden whims and 'changes of direction' either!

steel breeze said...

Ooh! Do tell! I am all ears!