Thursday, November 26

Whatever happened to the rest of the week?

I finished the skirt on Tuesday night. Two more sewing classes to go, and then the course ends. Finito. It looks as if the class might get transferred to the Coundon Court one (runs Wednesdays, which is the one night I'm committed elsewhere) - but I'm not quite sure how the powers-that-be think that will work.. By all accounts, the CC class is already full and has a waiting list. Our current teacher (who is lovely) is already struggling to get around 19 odd students as it is - if I was a beginner, I'd've spent most of Tuesday nights sitting around waiting for her attention. Not a criticism in any way, it's just the logistics of a class of 80% beginners.

Anyway, the skirt is done. It's a kind of flarey thing (Simplicity Easy Chic 4273 if you're interested) - and it doesn't sit nearly as well as in the picture. Of course, it's in the same suiting material as the trousers (a light polyester/cotton I think - it's easy iron, anyhoo!) and the picture on the envelope shows it in a lighter cotton so perhaps that's the problem, it's too stiff a fabric. Everyone who's seen me in it seems to like it, but the Cog said it emphasised my thighs. Well, I did ask him to be honest! So anyway, started cutting up a cotton duvet cover, to make a toile of the top. Most sewing patterns are a B cup, and my cup runneth over and is also possibly lower than "Ms Standard", whoever the hell she might be, so it's worth trying out the fit on a toile before cutting into the real material. Which may be too thick, now, of course. Le sigh! Was hoping to discover all my healthy eating had reduced my bust size, but alas, no. The Cog'll be chuffed though, haha! The weight's leaving my bottom half at the moment.

Casting around for possible alternatives to dumping the Coventry Knit Wits for extended 10 week periods - the sewing shop near the railway station is getting a professional tutor, and I'm hoping I can perhaps persuade them to run a course on a different night - yes, you've guessed it, theirs ALSO runs on a Wednesday. What is it about mid-week that makes it so popular?! There's also the option of keeping it in the family. The Cog's mum is an accomplished sewer, and I know she made shirts in the past - but it would have to be at the weekend because I think she goes to bed very early in the evenings. I did get lessons with my mum for a while back in '98 I think - even made a skirt - but the only thing I remember doing was the zip. She's lovely, but she has the tendency to take things off you and take over. Which is fine, but I could have left the material there and gone home instead. Not what I wanted, I want to learn and can only do that by doing it/mucking it up in person! I think my sister may have announced her wedding in the middle, which required a bridal gown and two bridesmaid's dresses, so that kind of aborted the arrangement and I never got around to re-starting what with various other things going on.

I guess I could just potter along at home, of course. It's just that other things (laundry etc) become distractions - and I can't ask anyone if I get stuck. Dammit. I'm really rather fed up of this sewing course loop I keep getting stuck in. Dunno what I pay my council tax for! I guess I should just join the herd and take up Russian instead. Grump!

Anyway, finally cast off the secret project last night, which took most of two hours, 'cause I'd quite royally messed it up in poor lighting. Mental note - cast off before sewing up, it's a LOT easier. Ha!

Managed to get two gym sessions (and a sauna! Yay!) in already this week, which means I can clear the decks for some me-time tonight. Will try very hard to ignore the laundry and restart some stalled things.

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Laritza said...

Finding sewing classes is the hardest thing ever. No luck here unless I want to go and sit for 4 hours while the teacher waits on customers that come to the store OR sew some pattern that I have NO interest in...At least you have some. I bought a book....